A Little Bea's Tale

A Walk to Remember

Things I must Do

well, as a busy girl, i have things to do

number one on my list is:

  1. Do Assignment
  2. Do Mc Script
  3. Take Drive lessons
  4. Pack my bags
  5. Do My Clown Costume
  6. Practise Shackles
  7. Study
  8. Set alarm for tomorrow to wake up at 9
  9. Get The P & W prayers in the file
  10. Do a checklist of things to bring for camp
  11. Save picture in thumbdrive
  12. and more....

Bea Bee

Wee!! My computer is fixed and is brand new now!! woot!!

Things i'm doing...

  • Installing all my softwares(is alot, you don't want to know)
  • Checking my mail
  • playing with the new games that has instore in the windows
  • and playing around with the new beta windows messenger
  • Download House Bunny

Continue to download stuff Tv-Drama


  • Prison Break
  • Private Practice
  • 24 Redemption Movie

I heard that the 24 redemption Movie was great.

Before the next season(season 7) is going to be air in Us next year 2009, they have come up with a movie to fix up gap between the last season and this season. Is a 2 hour movie and the next season's 24 episode will be aired... WOOO HOO!!!!

Bea Bee

McKey Sullivan!!!! I really feel like spoiling it for everyone!!! hahaha...

Well, i watch it yesterday... I really hope Analeigh could win.. So sad she's out!!
In my opinion, Elina Shouls win, since she went out Analeigh should win... But... Haiz.
So After McKey's Fashion Show in Holand... They had a winner's photo shoot right after
The judges announce the Winner. And the one below is a photo Mckey and Tyra... and following are the pictures taken of Mckey during the season. Enjoy!!!
McKey and Tyra (Winning Picture)

Cover Girl Picture
Top 3 Contestant
Top 4 Photo Shoot
Top 5 Photo Shoot
Tyra's with and without make up photo(top and bottom)

First make over picture After her make over

First Photo Shoot (election Boot)
Bea Bee

Original Greatest Remixes - Track Listing:

  1. Los Angeles World Wide
  2. Anxiety
  3. Broken Hearts Parade (Marshall Arts Remix feat.Philieano and Tab)
  4. Fight Song (Jay-E Remix feat. The Game)
  5. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Dead Execs. Remix feat. Bubba Sparx )
  6. I Just Wanna Live (Teddy Riley Remix)
  7. The Anthem (Million Mano Remix feat. Hollywood Holt)
  8. All Black (The White Tie Affair Remix feat. Mat Devine of Kill H)
  9. Little Things (Patrick Stump Remix)
  10. I Dont Wanna Be in Love
  11. Predictable (Stress the Whiteboy)
  12. Girls & Boys (Ed Banger Records)
  13. The Young and The Hopeless (Remixed by Mr. Hahn)
  14. Hold on (The Academy Is)
  15. Where Would We Be Now (Troublemaker Remix)

New Song - War (Download)

Download This Album:

Greatest Remixes


Bea Bee

This is her Intenational Album Cover -
Different From the US version!!

Promo Pictures of Her upcoming Album 'Circus'. She's Back!! and she's bringing a new beat!!.. Woo!! HOO!! It's Britney.. B!tch!!


Bea Bee

Remember to watch the last part of the drama. At the end.. there are some words that touched me.. Sob.. sob..
Bea Bee


Hey People, i found some cool videos. and i would like to share with you. It is really nice and amazing.

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Salsa Dance

Sexy Love - Ne-Yo

Mercy - Duffy

Bea Bee

David Cook

Original Album Cover

Customize Album Cover by AirRockStar

Original Album - Track Listing:

  1. Declaration
  2. Heroes
  3. Light On
  4. Come Back To Me
  5. Life On The Moon
  6. Bar-Ba-Sol
  7. Mr. Sensitive
  8. Lie
  9. I Dit It For You
  10. Avalanche
  11. Permanent
  12. A Daily Anthem
  13. The Time of My Life

Bonus Tracks - Track Listing:

  1. Breath Tonight
  2. My Last Request

Download This Album:

David Cook

Bonus Tracks

Bea Bee

Britney Spears - Circus

Original Album Cover
Customize Album Cover By AirRockStar
Original Album Back Cover

Original Album - Track Listing:
  1. Womanizer
  2. Circus
  3. Out From Under
  4. Kill The Lights
  5. Shattered Glass
  6. If You Seek Amy
  7. Unusual You
  8. Blur
  9. Mmm Papi
  10. Mannequin
  11. Lace and Leather
  12. My Baby

Bonus Tracks - Track Listing:

  1. Radar
  2. Rock Me In
  3. Phonography
  4. Amnesia
  5. Rock Boy
  6. Quicksand
  7. Trouble

Download this Album:


Bonus Tracks

Bea Bee

Hey everyone, on sunday we had our very own tryouts on the clown make up.
well it went well.. here's some of the picture. to those who want them.. you can just click on the pictures and you can save it in your computer. Enjoy!!

picture with Aunty Pat!! Wee

The Girls



Guys and Girls

Of course.. That's me..

Bea Bee


On Thursday , My Little Honey told me that he bought me a u-mobile number. I felt quite surprise when he got me one. Well yesterday, he delivered it to my house. The number... WEE!!!...
And also on that night itself. Jordan came up to me and told me that he got something for me. Well, I won a phone. It was from the raffle draw tickets i sold for the Youth Rally 2008. Wow... amazingly i sold about 63 booklets of it.. Woot!! New Phone

Bea Bee

Please CLICK!!

This is Me

I'm not a perfect girl, my hair doesn't always stay in place & I spill things a lot. I'm pretty Clumsy & sometimes I have a BrOkEn HeArT.
I Dare to be DIFFERENT and loves myself even though I'm not as pretty as other girls
My friends & I sometimes fight & maybe somedays nothing goes right.When i think about everything goes wrong and think about it & take a step back I remember how amazing life truly is & that maybe, just maybe...
I like being Imperfect...

PJI Leo Club






Class of 2007


To know me more~

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Life is not MEASURED by the number of breaths we take, but by the MOMENTS that take our breath away.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and LEAVE A TRAIL

LOVE what you Do, Do what you LOVE

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