On this day, i would have to go to work in the morning.. :(
because i don't have enough leave for the whole year, so i had to sacrifice my festive holiday leave.
and hence, i had to work, where everyone is on leave.
there's only aroun 10 people in this big ole office.
And the sad part is, the computer/company system is still very slow.
That's why i had time to write this post on my blog.
It is slow until i got time to log on the blogger to post it.
It's boring today. i don't have the mood to work, as many of them are not here.
and hardly has progress, because everyone is on the holiday mood.
The good thing about today is, the roads in Kuala Lumpur is smooth ALL THE WAY.
No jam, no traffic police, smooth drive all the way.
I normally take 1 hour and 15 minutes to come to work. today.. 20 minutes!
How i wish my company can declare half day for today. :)
i'll be super super happy!!
haven updated my blog for a very long time!
I'm sorry i got no time to update
There's so much to update, but so little time!
be patient okay? many pictures and many event to update!