How would you organize your flash mob?

This can be very tricky. 
It will be less than 4mins Flash Mob at the heart of the city. Maybe a Cause would be good as normally flash mob draws attention to the press and attention of the public. I say maybe HIV/AIDs awareness. 
We could get a few dance studios to be involves in the flash mobs, as the instructors and dance studios have students who are interested in these event. They would have the amount of people that we need for a flash mob. 
Other than that, we need to get permission and authorities to have a flash mob on their site and also the speakers to play our song for the flash mob.
For participants of the flash mob, it would be good to wear something red, maybe a big which is Red or a shoe or a cap which is red, it would have made a good punchline for the awareness as that awareness is a red ribbon.
The songs would be "I'm Coming Home" by J.Cole Ft. Skyler Grey (front), "Don't Stop the music" by Rihanna and "Fantastic Baby" by Big Bang.
I think the flash mob should start at Masjid Jamek LRT station, where the inter-link between Star LRT and Putra LRT. A loud voice of a man slaps a kid and it will be a short skit of the kid being a HIV positive person being rejected by the public. This will draw much attention to the public eye on how we view on HIV positive people.
After a short skit, the intercom will start playing the starting of the song. The first few people can start of the flash mob, a short dance of Jazz and Ballet as the front part is a slow and soft on how the kid is being accepted by his friends and family. After that part where the fast beat comes in, there's where more mobbers will come and join in the dance. during the part where the "Fantastic Baby" The Flash Mob dancers may do a hands waving movement at the escalators as it moves up and down at the station. It may set a mood and also the attention of other commuters to see the mob dance, this movement will do till the end.
After the whole song finishes, i think distribution on flyers on awareness of HIV should be given to the public. The knowledge of knowing what HIV is about it very important. 

I really hope this idea can bring to life as I would really like to organise something like this. I do not have any pictures or videos to this idea as it would be very hard to portray it. The idea come our from my mind and if you could understand what I have wrote, you would somehow know what i was trying to say. A mob dance will be very fun.
I hope you enjoy reading this! Cheers!