Well, having CNY to celebrate, normally the chinese younger generations have to go visit the elderly, because is like a sign of respect to the elders. So, on the first day of CNY, i have to go back to my hometown, Ampang KL. which is half an hour away. i went vist my grandaunts and granduncles. and also see my cousins. My mom's extended family is very BIG.. so i have more than 20 cousins and about 10 aunt and uncles. and 8 grandaunt and uncles. IMAGINE IT... there is still more... i can't calculate it.. is too many. Anyway, after visiting the elders, we went to vist my aunt, which is my mom's youngest sister. She works in NICHII!! hahaha... i get discounts there. and she owns a Doll House in Cheras.. if you don't get what i mean just look at the pictures, below.. She's a BIG BIG BIG Fan of Hello Kitty.
FYI: i just took pictures of the ground floor. (she has 3 floors of HK stuff in the house) there is still alot of stuff up there. The stuff that doesn't have pictures(Bed, pillows, blanket, bags, shoes, computer(the entire set with mouse, monitor, kepboard, CPU, printer, and even joystick), camera, study table, flies, pencilbox, lights, fan, socks, clothes, pokercards, photoframes, torchlight, sleeping bag, bangles, necklace, rings, sofa, tea set, tv cover, a sound sistem with speakers and amp, stickers, candle and many many more) Now. i'm lazy to label them.. just enjoy the pics.

Bea Bee