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Hello People!

If you like what you see!
Please do log on to their website!

If you want to enquire please do drop them an email at info@lapelpinscn.com

They can do customized pins at a very reasonable price!!
Free shipping and special discounts!

So far they have provided me with the best service at a very acceptable price.
Do try it out. I fully recommend you to go to them.

and btw, this badges are fully sold and no remakes anymore! Thank you very much!

Have a nice day.

Iron Man 3: My Way

OH! IRON MAN 3 movie of the year!

I can't wait, before i explain how awesome is this movie, check out the trailer!

YES! It sounds pretty awesome right? Oh, do check out the opening of the Movie in Malaysia! It's on the 26th April. Mark your calender's People!

Oh also, Here's a submission for Nuffnang:

I can't draw, so i would have to result in description.
My Iron Man Suit would be RED. That's a fierce colour! It has the highest power in speed and could go at a 1000km/s and also a oxygen tank that could help to fly up to the ozone layer with not problems with air.
The suit too has a ozone layer protection, that protects the body from being rusty and it resist the heat of the sun. The Body metal resist metal heat and bullet proof. Embedded with mini machine guns on all parts of the body. This body too have all kinds of technology, including face recognition, gps, heat detector, bullet, guns, fire armed and radioactive detector. Calculation of target excursion. and this suit do have the owners recognition. Only the owner on the body be able to operate it. No one else is able to operate the suit other than the owner and it's nominated person.

I Hope the above description fits right in :)

Do check out my NuffnnagX page:

Enjoy Your day!

Also check out this cute figurine from HOT TOYS. So cute! Wish i could get them.

It's been a long while, and i'm back from my holiday in Melbourne! It was an awesome Journey.
Now... I would like to introduce you to something cool. *Drum rollss*

Yes. It is the Samsung Galaxy KPOP 27th Golden Disk Award!! WOOHOO!!
Of course NOT to forget the Amazing Artist would be here to join this event!

So many of them! It makes me Drool! Gosh! This event is one o fa kind in Malaysia!
I expect to have awesome performance from all these Korean Singers and HUGE i mean huge stage.
I can't wait to see them life if I had a chance.

If I had a chance! I would like to meet KARA! I love them very much! They are full of energy! I saw them here at MTV World Stage 2012. their performance was full of surprises, and no doubt it was good event it is such a short performance. Love to have chance of course, if luck takes over :)

Not to mention! This year we have a new SPONSOR!! Cheng CHENG CHENG!!!
SAMSUNG GALAXY!! Wooho!! *A Round of Applause*

DO check out this cool app that is on-going for this event. The Samsung K-POP Facebook App. The cool part is you can check out the videos that other people has submitted, you could also like a comment of the video, How awesome is that? 

Not only that! YOU can also WIN tickets to to the award by submitting a video through this app! It's not that hard. Just a video for a chance, why not? take a leap of faith :)

I love to buy fashion clothings, acessories, shoes, just like every other girl. It has come to point that i had to re-arrange my clothes in my closet and I have found that I have too many clothes lying around my room and there's not enough space to put in all the clothes and accessories I have. *being a typical girl.
I love to buy them, becaus they are so pretty!
The Fact that I desperately needs this 2 wardrobe below. it is vital. I have 2 Closet full of clothes.
and 2 clothes rack outside. and Still my clothes does not fit into all of them. I love all my clothes! :(
I can't resist the fact that Sungei Wang and Online shops are selling their products at a very low price and anyone can afford to buy anything with just mere RM20. It can be a short dress or a blouse with just RM20. for example:
RM 20 at MOS Fashion
RM 20 at Luvclothez.com

I had a clothes count. and the numbers are crazy. and these numbers are not including the numbers that are at the dry cleaners, the washing machine and my language bag (that I packed for my next trip). 

Quantity Description
17 Working Blouse Long Sleeve
9 Working Blouse Short Sleeve
7 Blouse Long Sleeve
33 Bouse Short Sleeve
12 Jackets
7 Cover Over
8 Blazers
48 T-shirts
16 Polo Ts
17 Singlets
6 Vest
2 Execise Long Pants
6 Exercise Short Pants
14 Casual Long Pants
11 Casual Short Pants
25 Jeans Long Pants 
8 Jeans Short Pants
13 Formal Long Pants
7 Skirts - Long
9 Skirts - Short
3 Jeans Skirts - Long
10 Jeans Skirts - Short
9 Woking Formal Skirts
5 Casual Dress - Long
21 Casual Dress - Short
3 Formal Dinner Dress - Long
42 Formal Dinner Dress - Short
4 Formal Working Dress
2 Jumpsuit
Not all the clothes that I bought it on my own. 60% of the clothes are given by my mom, aunties and also friends.

I have so much clothes and just merely POLO shirts. I have 12 different colours. That's like 50% of all the colours are on the market place.
 The world had made girls spend some much on the clothes and have make them buy these clothes that they don't need. It really nice to have & want them. Women drives the economy alot more than you think.

It'e been a very long time. I miss the times where i had time to write something on my blog

How would you organize your flash mob?

This can be very tricky. 
It will be less than 4mins Flash Mob at the heart of the city. Maybe a Cause would be good as normally flash mob draws attention to the press and attention of the public. I say maybe HIV/AIDs awareness. 
We could get a few dance studios to be involves in the flash mobs, as the instructors and dance studios have students who are interested in these event. They would have the amount of people that we need for a flash mob. 
Other than that, we need to get permission and authorities to have a flash mob on their site and also the speakers to play our song for the flash mob.
For participants of the flash mob, it would be good to wear something red, maybe a big which is Red or a shoe or a cap which is red, it would have made a good punchline for the awareness as that awareness is a red ribbon.
The songs would be "I'm Coming Home" by J.Cole Ft. Skyler Grey (front), "Don't Stop the music" by Rihanna and "Fantastic Baby" by Big Bang.
I think the flash mob should start at Masjid Jamek LRT station, where the inter-link between Star LRT and Putra LRT. A loud voice of a man slaps a kid and it will be a short skit of the kid being a HIV positive person being rejected by the public. This will draw much attention to the public eye on how we view on HIV positive people.
After a short skit, the intercom will start playing the starting of the song. The first few people can start of the flash mob, a short dance of Jazz and Ballet as the front part is a slow and soft on how the kid is being accepted by his friends and family. After that part where the fast beat comes in, there's where more mobbers will come and join in the dance. during the part where the "Fantastic Baby" The Flash Mob dancers may do a hands waving movement at the escalators as it moves up and down at the station. It may set a mood and also the attention of other commuters to see the mob dance, this movement will do till the end.
After the whole song finishes, i think distribution on flyers on awareness of HIV should be given to the public. The knowledge of knowing what HIV is about it very important. 

I really hope this idea can bring to life as I would really like to organise something like this. I do not have any pictures or videos to this idea as it would be very hard to portray it. The idea come our from my mind and if you could understand what I have wrote, you would somehow know what i was trying to say. A mob dance will be very fun.
I hope you enjoy reading this! Cheers!

Safe House

I would like to have my safe house in the Maldives.
An peaceful place and only by flight will be able to reach to that beatiful island.
This beautiful place can be the best place to be safe. Many would not think of this place to hide at.

I hope I would have the chance to watch this movie.

Eddie's Big Win!

I need a personal favour, My brother is in this competition (Twisties Superstarz), that the prizes means alot to him, as the cash prizes are to be channelled to his studies. This is to ease my parents burden on the cost of his education. He has been helping in performing in school and also charity events. I would really hope that you can support him by liking his profile in twisties superstarz apps. All you have to do is to go to this link and click on Finalist at the bottom and like EDDIE COURTNEY. I really hope you can help me in this small favour. He is Talented, but the world are not able to see his potential. Your support is much much appreciated.

Please go to this link. And support my brother! he really need this!

Below here with his singing! hope you can help!!

I Totally forgotten i have joined this contest. Oh well... I won 2 passes! Yay for me :)

Unfortunately, I was unable to go for the event, because I had to WORK. and I can't give it to anyone else. So Sad.


It was an awesome experience! It was a very successful event by 128 Faubourg!
It Party was well organised and so is the services they offer in the party.
Below is the Goodie bag :) how awesome is that right?
The total cost of all these products are close to RM700.
Luckily I went to the event, otherwise i would have miss this awesome opportunity!

There was shoulder and hand massage, the the best of all Manicure!! :)
Just in time! I was going to pay for one..
but since it came along the way and it was free... why not?
I arrive at around 5.30pm. They has this workshop for how to maintain your skin.
The services of all the specialist and helpers are superb.
everyone was all well taken care of.
and BTW, i'm giving away this awesome voucher to any ladies who are interested :)
You can drop me a message on my FB, or you could sms me, if you have my number.
There's no expiry for this voucher.
1. RM15 Voucher - for manicure and pedicure services exclude OPI Express
2. RM40 Voucher - for package only.

If no taker I would just randomly give it to a friend of mine :)
Let me know...

Please CLICK!!

This is Me

I'm not a perfect girl, my hair doesn't always stay in place & I spill things a lot. I'm pretty Clumsy & sometimes I have a BrOkEn HeArT.
I Dare to be DIFFERENT and loves myself even though I'm not as pretty as other girls
My friends & I sometimes fight & maybe somedays nothing goes right.When i think about everything goes wrong and think about it & take a step back I remember how amazing life truly is & that maybe, just maybe...
I like being Imperfect...

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