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I love to buy fashion clothings, acessories, shoes, just like every other girl. It has come to point that i had to re-arrange my clothes in my closet and I have found that I have too many clothes lying around my room and there's not enough space to put in all the clothes and accessories I have. *being a typical girl.
I love to buy them, becaus they are so pretty!
The Fact that I desperately needs this 2 wardrobe below. it is vital. I have 2 Closet full of clothes.
and 2 clothes rack outside. and Still my clothes does not fit into all of them. I love all my clothes! :(
I can't resist the fact that Sungei Wang and Online shops are selling their products at a very low price and anyone can afford to buy anything with just mere RM20. It can be a short dress or a blouse with just RM20. for example:
RM 20 at MOS Fashion
RM 20 at Luvclothez.com

I had a clothes count. and the numbers are crazy. and these numbers are not including the numbers that are at the dry cleaners, the washing machine and my language bag (that I packed for my next trip). 

Quantity Description
17 Working Blouse Long Sleeve
9 Working Blouse Short Sleeve
7 Blouse Long Sleeve
33 Bouse Short Sleeve
12 Jackets
7 Cover Over
8 Blazers
48 T-shirts
16 Polo Ts
17 Singlets
6 Vest
2 Execise Long Pants
6 Exercise Short Pants
14 Casual Long Pants
11 Casual Short Pants
25 Jeans Long Pants 
8 Jeans Short Pants
13 Formal Long Pants
7 Skirts - Long
9 Skirts - Short
3 Jeans Skirts - Long
10 Jeans Skirts - Short
9 Woking Formal Skirts
5 Casual Dress - Long
21 Casual Dress - Short
3 Formal Dinner Dress - Long
42 Formal Dinner Dress - Short
4 Formal Working Dress
2 Jumpsuit
Not all the clothes that I bought it on my own. 60% of the clothes are given by my mom, aunties and also friends.

I have so much clothes and just merely POLO shirts. I have 12 different colours. That's like 50% of all the colours are on the market place.
 The world had made girls spend some much on the clothes and have make them buy these clothes that they don't need. It really nice to have & want them. Women drives the economy alot more than you think.

It'e been a very long time. I miss the times where i had time to write something on my blog

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This is Me

I'm not a perfect girl, my hair doesn't always stay in place & I spill things a lot. I'm pretty Clumsy & sometimes I have a BrOkEn HeArT.
I Dare to be DIFFERENT and loves myself even though I'm not as pretty as other girls
My friends & I sometimes fight & maybe somedays nothing goes right.When i think about everything goes wrong and think about it & take a step back I remember how amazing life truly is & that maybe, just maybe...
I like being Imperfect...

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