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A Walk to Remember

Another Premiere!! WOOTS~~

Dear Nuffnanger,

You're cordially invited to the Premiere Screening of Paranormal Activity happening on;

Date : 5th Jan 2010 (Tues)
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : GSC Tropicana City Mall

YAY YAY YAY!! Rejoice!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas SUCKS!!

Did i tell you that christmas doesn't feel like christmas?

YES indeed it is.
Christmas Doesn't feel like christmas!
Is because of Her!!
You know who you are.
You never trust me! you accuse my friends drinking your whisky
accusing me for standing up on my friends side
Accusing me for letting my friends into our house!
but guess what?
You say i should not stay out, i should not go to my friends house
and scolded me for me going to my friends house late, and scolded me and
say 'why can't they come here instead of me going there?'
and now you are accusing me for bring my friends back!
WHAT IS THIS!! not only that

You nvr said sorry if you are sure you are wrong!
YOu never trust me, what i say to you is plain bullshit to you
and you nvr did LISTEN to what i want to say
you just shut me up or end up hurting people's feeling with your sharp words
You're always the knife cut into my heart.
I'm just plain stupid to you! I was NEVER good enough for you!

I sometimes cry at night because YOU
Nightmares! because of you
I nvr go against you before, because I respect you!
I'm sorry! I can't take it anymore!

Merry Christmas Everyone.. Best Wishes form Bea bee

Sherlock Holmes The Movie

A Movie that you cannot miss!

Went for the Premiere already...
NO regrets!
Go watch it with your friends..
I assure it's a nice movie!
It'll be shown on the 25th December!
OH! I got this cool Sherlock Holmes note book!
Yay me! Wee~~

It's just one pair

Valentines day!

Check out the first trailer for Valentine’s Day, starring practically everyone in Hollywood! The movie hits theaters on February 12th,2010.

Here’s some of what we get from the trailer of this ensemble comedy:
# Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner play two members of a homecoming court
# Ashton Kutcher delivers flowers and proposes to Jessica Alba
# Bradley Cooper confuses Thanksgiving and V-Day
# Emma Roberts tries to plan sex
# Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel participate in an anti-V-Day party
# Jen ends up spending the holiday with a kid who tries to buy flowers from Ashton


Watch more Moviefone videos on AOL Video

PJI Group Picture
Me and DC Lion Alan Thoo
Me and Lion Marcus
Me and Multiple District Leo President 301
Me with Emcee and Best Dress
That's my New profile pic... SO PREETEE!!


A movie that you will not miss!!
There's 3D version and also the normal version!!
I've watched it today! NO REGRETS!
If you love mother nature I suggest you to watch it...
The graphics are AWESOME!!!
I rate 9.5 out of 10!!
Here's a Short Synopsis about the MOVIE

The story's protagonist, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), is a former Marine who was wounded in combat on Earth and paralyzed from the waist down. He is selected to participate in the Avatar program, which will enable him to walk again. Jake travels to Pandora, a lush jungle-covered extraterrestrial moon filled with incredible life forms, some beautiful, many terrifying. Pandora is also home to the Navi, a sentient humanoid race that is physically stronger than humans, although considered primitive. Standing three meters tall, with tails and sparkling blue skin, the Navi live in harmony with their unspoiled world. As humans encroach deeper into Pandora's forests in search of valuable minerals, the Navi unleash formidable warrior abilities to defend their threatened existence. Jake has unwittingly been recruited to become part of this experiment. Since humans are unable to breathe the air on Pandora, they have created genetically-bred human-Navi hybrids known as "Avatars" . The Avatars are living, breathing bodies that are controlled by a human "driver" through a technology that links the driver's mind to the Avatar body. On Pandora, through his Avatar body, Jake can walk . He is sent deep into Pandora's jungles as a scout for the soldiers who will follow, and encounters many of Pandora's beauties and dangers. He also meets a young Navi female, Neytiri, whose beauty is matched only by her ferocity in battle. Over time, Jake integrates himself into Neytiri's clan, and begins to fall in love with her. As a result, Jake finds himself caught between the military-industrial forces of Earth, and the Navi, forcing him to choose sides in an epic battle that will decide the fate of an entire world.

Here are some pictures of the movie

Below It's the trailer of the Movie!

Aaron LXT!! I want pictures!! You have alot of pictures!! Please upload fast!!~~

Thank you!

Please CLICK!!

This is Me

I'm not a perfect girl, my hair doesn't always stay in place & I spill things a lot. I'm pretty Clumsy & sometimes I have a BrOkEn HeArT.
I Dare to be DIFFERENT and loves myself even though I'm not as pretty as other girls
My friends & I sometimes fight & maybe somedays nothing goes right.When i think about everything goes wrong and think about it & take a step back I remember how amazing life truly is & that maybe, just maybe...
I like being Imperfect...

PJI Leo Club






Class of 2007


To know me more~

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Life is not MEASURED by the number of breaths we take, but by the MOMENTS that take our breath away.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and LEAVE A TRAIL

LOVE what you Do, Do what you LOVE

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