A Little Bea's Tale

A Walk to Remember

100 truths

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001. Real Name: Beatrice Grace Chan Hui Rhu
002. Nickname(s):Bea, Bee, Beat-rice, Battery, Beat-the-rice, Lulu
003. Age: 18+
004. Horoscope:Libra
005. Gender: Female
006. Elementary: Eden Kindergarden
007. Primary School:S.R.J.K(C)Yuk Chai
008. Secondary School:Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman S.E.A.
009. College: Malaysia Insurance Institute (MII)
010. Hair Colour: Black with gold highlights
011. Hair Length: shoulder length
012. Loud or Quiet: Loud Very loud..
013. Sweats or Jeans : Jeans
014. Phone or Camera: can i pick both? i love both
015. Health Freak: not really a freak, but i care about health
016. Drink or Smoke:I can DRINK! NO smoking for me!! NEVER!!
017. Do you have a crush on someone: YES!!
018. Eat or Drink: I need both to survive!!
019. Piercings: YES!! Ears
020. Tattoos:I wish i could get one!! dad don't let..
021. Social or Anti-Social: SOCIAL!!
022. Righty or lefty: Righty
023. First piercing: Both Ears
024. First relationship: Form 3
025. First Best Friend: Tracey Pang
026. First Award: Non.. Currently waiting for 1
027. First Kiss: yeap with a guy
028. First Pet: cat
029. First Big Vacation: Australia, GOLD COAST!!
030. First Love at first sight: ... I think i just write la, i don't think the fella knows i have a blog anyway. (derek) STD 5.. long time ago...
031. First Big Birthday: 12 year old after UPSR
032. First Surgery : Non.. Healthy!!
033. First sport you joined: Running 100m/ Basketball
034. Orange or Apple juice:Apple!!
035. Rock or Rap:Rock!!
036. Country or Screamo:Country!!
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys:Both!! I LOVE BOTH!!
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera:THEY ARE BOTH AWESOME!!
039. Night or Day:i need both!! god created them
040. Sun or Moon: Sun, there will not be light without it
041. TV or Internet: Internet and tv
042. Playstation or xbox: can i have PSP instead?
043. Kiss or hug:BOTH!!
044. Iguana or turtle:Iguana??
045. Spider or bee:BEE!! BEA!! BEE!!
046. Fall or spring:I go for both.. these seasons are awesome
047. Limewire or iTunes:iTunes and limewire...
048. Soccer or baseball:Soccer
049. Eating:must be best only i eat.. haha
050. Drinking: JUice
051. Excitement level: VERY!! tomorrow is EXAM!!!
052. I'm about to: post a post in my blog
053. Listening to:Kiss me Through the phone by soulja boy
054. Plan for today: wake up, study abit, go for exam, go straight to easter party and performe then go home and have sweet night dreams
055. Waiting for: this post to be done, so i can sleep
056. Energy Level: Still active and fully alert..
057. Thinking of someone: YES of Course ( you know who you are)
058. Want kids : When i get married
059. Want to get married?: yes...
060. When?: 28 and later
061. How many kids do you want: maximum 2 (i don't like suffering)
062. Any name on the mind: nope (but must be, not common)
065. Mellow future or wild: Wild
066. Something you would never try: Drugs and smoking!!
067. When do you want to die: when god says.. IT'S TIME!!
067. Which is the better in the boy/girl you like(in the future):Huh?
068. Lips or Eyes:Eyes
069. Romantic or Funny?:Both
070. Shorter or Taller?: Taller.. (I'm short)
071. Protective or Caring?:not too protective. but caring
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?:Both
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?:Both.
074. Sensitive or Loud?:Loud
075. Hook-up or Relationship?: Relationship
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?:Trouble Maker
077. Muscular or normal: BOTH!!
078. Kissed a stranger:No
079. Broken a bone: No
080. Lost glasses or contacts:No
081. Ran away from home:No
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence:No
083. Killed somebody: NO WAY!!
084. Broken some one's heart: YEAP.. more than 1
085. Had your heart broken: Definately YES!!
086. Been arrested:No
087. Cried when someone died:OF COURSE!! that person is very close to me
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: YES..
089. Do you believe in Yourself: Yes.. but sometimes i question too..
090. Miracles: I believe in Miracles
091. Love at first sight: I believe it.. It happens to me
092. Heaven:Best place in the world
093. Santa Claus: big and red
094. Tooth Fairy: IT DOESN'T exist, kids!
095. Kiss in the first date:No
096. Angels: white with wings
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now? : yes.. someone
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now?:no. but i accept it..
099. Do you believe in God? : Definately YES!!
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people.

01. Darren Kam
02. Christine Lee
03. Travis Chin
04. Wan Kah Mun
05. Lee Liang Jie
06. Valerie Koo
07. Samantha Ho
08. Hui Xian
09. Euson Chew
10. Tay Yen Ee

Bea Bee

The Phone!!

Check it out people!! You can stream the episode on zshare.. Is a not bad show.. is very very cool.. I can asure you that. I just watched it!!
Episode 1 The Bomber

Bea Bee



Just finished my law paper!!!!!

2 more days to Intro to commercial General Insurance!!

and Easter Party!! and HOLIDAY!!

Bea Bee


less than 24 hours to exam!! Law Paper!!

Bea Bee

Check out this video!! It ois awesome!! WOOT!
Bea Bee

until today and until now!!
still using other people's Wi-Fi router to connect
curi-ing people's internet..
WHat to do?
my internet can't even connect
and the sreamyx customer service line (24 hour)
IS NOT WORKING!! No one answers the phone!!
I've waited 1 whole day on saturday
for them to fix the problem!!
Till now.. i still don't get connected!!

what do they do in their office?
SHake legs? waiting for money to go into their pockets..
HELLO!! Resession!! wake up call!!
there's many other broadband/internet provider is coming in to MAL
and if streamyx is not going to inprove..
they will lose their customers!! argh!!

is 3.15 a.m. and i'm still blogging!!!
I needsome sleep and exams is less than 48 hours
and i'm not asleep and not studying and trying to online..

haiz... sad life le.. cannot study..
dump peolpe like me
can't even get law subject in my head!! haiz
How do Lawyers ge their degree??!? haiz..

anyway going to sleep now..
need sleep..
NItes!! signing out now!!

Bea Bee

Life is short
Break the rules
forgive quickly
kiss passionately, love truly
laugh constantly
And never stop smiling
no matter how strange life is
Life is not always the party we expected to be
but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.

Bea Bee

STUPID Streamyx

you know what!! i cannot connect to internet on a saturday!! the day with free time and i can't connect to the internet!! ARGHH!!!
LUckily, my bro has a notebook that we curi other people's internet wi-fi internet!! hahaha..
so only now, i only can blog.. suppose to meet people online to talk about easter performance!!
and i can't do it, because my internet is so so sucky!! ARGHH!!!
I'm sorry for the people that waited for me online for an hour.
I apologise to all the people that needed me at that hour. I'm sorry!!

Bea Bee

As the title is saying they are out from american idol!!
AH!!! i love MATT GIRAUD!! he deserve to stay!!

i'm so happy~~~~~ Lil is finally out...
i used to like her though
now i don't anymore
She's too karaoke-ish.. copy cat!!
yeah~~~ so now celebratinh.. uh huh uh huh~~~
oh yea.. a sneak peak of an awesome report writen by ZU WEN.
I want give him some credit!! So so awesome!!

(if you have read some other awesome report,
I'm sorry is just a normal report,
But I haven read so awesome report before..
just bare with me XD)

I was really really impresed with it Check this out..

Report of Blind Leading the Blind

   19th April 2009 - It was a clear, bright, crisp Sunday morning, and what a better way to start it off than with a little charity walk. This annual charity walk, organized by the Lions Club of Petaling Jaya, started seeing people flocking in to the Dewan Sivik car park as early as 7 a.m. Even dedicated Leos from various clubs could be seen, willing to do their part in helping the cause. Some of the Leos helped out with the registration of the participants while the rest lent a hand with packing up goodie bags filled with food and beverages which would be distributed after the walk.

   At around 8 a.m., after the opening speeches were conducted and registrations were done, the walk was flagged off by Ronnie Liu, Selangor state local government research and studies committee chairman. The band from SMK Taman Petaling, which led the entire walk, started playing and off everyone went.

   Participants were required to form teams of two, and one of them would be blindfolded while the other would guide his or her partner. The objective of this was to experience firsthand how the blind experience their daily lives and to give a greater appreciation of our sight.

   Everyone marched proudly into the distance with their spirits and enthusiasm at their peak. Even the blazing hot weather could not deter the participant's spirits. Not wanting to lose out, the Leo's of PJI embarked on this 3km journey too.

   Halfway through the walk, the members of the Leo Club of PJI had to use the shortcut back to the parking lot as they had to help out with the distribution of the lucky draw numbers and helping with keeping the blind folds and the participation numbers. Soon after, the participants reached the parking lot with their weary but satisfied faces. With the lucky draw numbers given out and the blindfolds and numbers kept, the participants proceeded to collect their goodie bags and refreshments. They then proceeded to wait anxiously in the parking lot for the lucky draw to begin.

   Among the prizes sponsored for the lucky draw include ovens, rice cookers, a television and even flight tickets. Everyone was clutching their numbers tightly, hoping to bring back a prize. One by one, numbers were being called out, and some of the Leos were lucky enough to have won something.

   Before the main prize winners were announced, the results of the inter-club competition were announced. The inter-club competition, which was held for the first time this year to encourage more Leos to join in the event, required participating Leo clubs to produce their own original banners, banners or even compose songs to parade/sing along the 3km journey. Among the criteria the Leos would be judged on include the number of participants from the club, their enthusiasm and spirit, and creativity of their creations.

   The Leo Club of PJI took the 3rd runner up spot. The 2nd runner up went to the Leo Club of SMK Damansara Jaya while the 1st runner up spot fell on the Leo Club of SMK Taman Sea. And the grand winner of the competition was the Leo Club of SMK Assunta. Congratulations to all participating Leo clubs for their hard work.

   The lucky draw continued with the main prizes at stake. After the hype of the lucky draw was over, a photography session was conducted. This was followed by Leos helping to pack everything up for the day.

   Overall, the walk was a success and I think everyone who participated learned to appreciate their sight and never to take it for granted.

Reported by
Leo Cheah Zu Wen

Impressive huh?? do you agree??hehe... I Heart!! <3

Bea Bee


Can you see the heart shaped heel?? I LOVE IT OH!!!
Can someone buy for me???
I would recommed it to muah friends..
It is really really cute..
you should totally get it!!
you won't regret.. I THINK ~.~
they have a 4 colours pink, black, blue and WHITE

Please buy me white colour!! 
please please please please. I'm size 35!!

anyone out there!! please buy for me!! i want..
i'll be a very very good friend to you. hehe.
can get it from this website >>
It's RM110.. + RM 8 for delivery= RM118!!
Me got no money!!
haiz.. just keep dreaming about it

Bea Bee

Nothing is fair.

got an e-mail from dad. saying that
mom is going to sack the maid
she is not going to pay her salary and
she will not take ownership of the maid anymore
But i love my maid
she's nice
and she want to take it away from us
she's so selfish la
everything in our lives are taken away
- she wants a divorce
- she doesn't want to pay for our education
- she doesn't want to pay for our allowance
- she doesn't want to pay for our expenses
- she doesn't want to take ownership of us
- she wants dad's 50% property which
dad paid 80% of the money
- she took me and bro's ang pau money and
didn't want to give back
- She wants the maid out..
Sooner or later
- she wants the car
- she wants the fridge
- she wants the coffee table and
the oriental side table
- she wants her plates and pots
- she wants all the stuff she gave us
that's soon alright...
Now.. i really know the true colours of
a women that wants money badly.
She don't even care that we got food to eat or not
Sack the Maid?!? It sounded like.. you're just
Such a B****. i think she's worse than that.
URGHH!!!! Hate it man.
I wish i could say it in her face.
To tell her what do i feel about her
and say that is wrong to do it that way.
Bea Bee

Time pass by really fast
just so you know, i'm having
finals!! next week.
I'm taking
profficiency interview this friday
Finalizing easter party skit/dance
My phone it keeps on hangging (time to change)
My phone is aged 1 1/2 year old.
Finalizing Installation budget and venue.
Time just went pass,
The Annual 7th Blind Leading the Blind
Charity Walk is over
The new rally team of 2009 is going to be
And the old 2008 rally team will be called
Graduation camp is coming soon in May at The farm
leo forum is coming soon
The outgoing leos is going to retired
The incoming leos are the future of the leo clubs.
TIME is very precious,
Just a snap 1 second is gone.
You can't bring it back.
All we can do is move forward.
It seems to far, but yet so near.
It's time to appriciate time.
Weather is getting hotter each day
Why are we still using so much air-con
Polluting the environment
Everyday, newspaper has flooding news
And yet,
we are doing nothing about it
I hope we could use less and waste less
To make the world a better place
Time is at the essence
We are racing against time
I just wish time can be abit slower
So we more time. XD

Bea Bee

THe VIdeo is so so awesome!! Check it out!!

Bea Bee

Watch it.. It's really really funny...
Bea Bee

American IDOL Matt Giraud is saved by our fellow judges.. He DESERVE to be in the competition!! He's a great singer!! I love you matt!! hahaha.. I hope he doesn't go out next week because there will be 2 singers going out next week. I really hope that Lil Rounds is going out. She's not that good anymore. She's just a girl with a big voice and a copy cat!! She's not the singer that we first met, humble and talented. AND WHat's with all her hairs? Every week different hair style. I just hope that next week Matt, Anoop, Allison, Adam And Danny is in!! LIL and Kris is OUT!!!!!

Bea Bee

She's back on tour.. Going for the concert performance at the end of MAY!!! In UNited Arab Emirates.. SO means she will be back to MALAYSIA ARound JUNE or JULY!!!! I'm so excited now!!! SHE IS BACK!! the QUEEN OF R&B!!!

Bea Bee

RAscal Flatts - Here Comes Goodbye on dancing with the stars. THe dance that dance to that song is so awesome. Check it out!!

Bea Bee

i don't understand with people these days. Why do pepople reply message that they have to press *Reply all*??? Why? can't you reply to the person that send it to you. I don't want to see all your thank yous. If the sender send to 50 people, and if everyone press " reply all" and saying, thank you for sending it to me and good luck.. I have received it.
I would have 50 e-mails in my inbox, for all the thank yous that send it to the sender.. Rediculios isn't it? Can't you say thank you to the sender instead of saying thank you and let everyone know that you said thank you to the sender!! URGGH!!! i know you want everyone know that you appriate the senders effort.. BUT 50 thank yous in my inbox is rediculous!!

Another situation. Micheal did a excel of the cafeteria food list and he saved it in a 2007 excel worksheet format.. I didn't a a problem opening it because i have windows 2007 worksheet in my com.. (I'm so proud that i'm fully updated) and MARC (who actually can't open it) "REPLIED ALL" and said..
DEI GENIUS!! Ur list is in 2007 Excel format la bro!! pls re-send in 2003 version..LOL..

It's really funny to see other people's reaction.. If you can imagine he's facial expression.. IT will be priceless.. I tell you that...

For the Rally People of 08 too.. please press "reply" (DO NOT PRESS "REPLY ALL") too if you want to send it back to Vanessa about compliments about the script. Please don't send Thank yous and saying is very good and amazing.. you can just tell her that, i don't need to know.. I have to clear my inbox everyday. ( i check my inbox /e-mail everyday okay.. please do me a favour alright) Thanks guys.

SO PEOPLE!! PLease Press "Reply" if you want to reply to sender, PLEASE DON'T PRESS "REPLY ALL" IF YOU DON"T WANT to SPam other people's inbox!! KA PIISH!!!    Thank you
Bea Bee

Hey people!!! Wake up call!! Listen to her..YOu'll Be amazed.
I can't get the embed For this video.. because, they disable all of it.. i can't get it anywhere. But you can click on the link... PLease watch!!!! She's really really really awesome!!!!
After you watch that.. you shouls totally watch flawless - A dance Group!! They are awesomely awesome!! hahaha!!!
Bea Bee

Hey!! Dragon-i is serving 1 ringgit chicken!! WOOT!! i just ate it!! It's awesome alright!! you should go try the Dumpling is also awesome!! the 1 Ringgit chicken is till 30 April!!

Bea Bee

I woke up quite early in the morning about 10.30a.m., got ready to go to the LRT station, because i'm waiting at the station with my darling. After that, i receive a sms from him that he told me he lost he's touch n go card, so he went home and search for it.. in the end, he can't find it. so he just bought the 1 way ticket, he was really sad in the train because he's touch n go card got RM 20 inside. Poor thing

Well, we arrive to KLCC. I was thirsty, so i bought a mango fruit juice and i shared with my darling. First on the list!! PC FAIR!!!! It's so hot Outside KLCC, but i'm not complaining. I'm just telling you guys the weather at that time. haha. When we arrive at the KL Convention centre. There were tons of people there already... is like 'rush hour on public transport' that alot of people.. so crowded. There's 2 floors full of PC Fair stuff... Broadband, Laptops, notebook, notebook bag, handphones, RAM.. webcam more and more and more PC stuff.

In the fisrt hall, we saw hui xian.. and i saw evonne they are promoting iphone and selling celcom broadband. after that i didn't see any of my friends anywhere in PC fair already. Well my darling saw few of he's UNI friends in PC fair. They say HI and i feel awkwardbecause i dunno them... but well, i just smile.. After Going into all the halls in PC fair, we went back to hall 1 to buy my darling's Cooler master for RM 58. Then, he was tempted to buy the screen protector. Then he negotiate the price for the screen protector and the cooler.. we got RM 3 Discount. is not alot, but it is okay... He's so happy he got the coller.

We saw some webcams and alot of notebook bags on sale. IT's really really cheap... my darling wants to buy me a webcam.. hehehe.. Not sure.. maybe he will hahaha. after that, we got out from that place, we went for our lunch at about 2 something at the food court.. i ordered the hot plate. we share it. Because i can't finish it. and we shared our ice lemon tea too.. so sweet right? hehehe. then we walking around KLCC because we have alot time before our show start. we went to many shop... girls, miss whatever and many more. Well, i was so attracted with a octopus soft toy... and my darling bought it for me.. XD hehehe T.T tears of joy.. love it so so much!!!! later at the bottom i will post the pictures.. hehehe. So adorable

Then, we went to watch FAST AND FURIOUS 4 ( TAKE THAT PEOPLE!!! i watch it already and i watch it with my boyfriend!!!! ahahaha)iT was an awesome movie!!! you should go watch!! the entire cinema is all full with people!! and in the middle, our phones rang, becaus emy friends keep asking ame about Leo idol and my darling's mom called to ask is he going back for dinner and, want them to wait for him to come back for dinner.. we got through it... continue to watch our movie together. we held our hands so so tight!!! hehehe.. it was a great movie and great experience.

After that we rushed to Sg. Wang because i'm suppose to meet my dad and my bro at Sg. wang, because chris is performing. by the time we went the CHRIS already lost.. It's really sad that that jeremy wasn't that good and won.. BIAS!!! hahaha... i think they are.. I love DINA!!! I'm your fan!! you're an awesome singer!! WOOT!!! everyone is watching you when you sing..."please don't stop the music"!!! Yea.. ENCORE!!! i hope you'll be singing for Leo forum!!

After everything end.. My dad took us to the teppanyaki shop to eat teppenyaki.. there's 6 of us. Me, my dad, my bf my brother, szen li and another girl i forgot her name. It wasn't that awesome. and my dad suggested that we go to another restaurant to eat better food... so we laft most of our food at teppanyaki, DROVE to Soo Kee in Imbi Road to eat, Beef Noodle and Friend LALA!!! It is so so much better!!! the beef is so soft and tasty.. nvr eaten so nice beef before.. and the LALA taste awesome!!! hehee and i found my darling's virgil paper... hehehe it was really touching because he wrote it out from he's heart.. It's really nice to read it. We went back of after that second dinner.

On the way back.. My dad took the SMART TUnnel, amd my darling told me about there is a race in the smart tunnel hahaha.. it is quite amazing to hear there is a race in smart tunnel. Quite cool right?? going to find the video and post it here. (if i can't find it Sorry) ahhaha!! first.. we drop my darling.. parents haven come back.. hahaha.. shocking!! next is szen li and her friend... we got back at about 9.30 p.m.

My dear, i really had a good time going to PC fair with you. I didn't regret not going to David Archuleta concert. You didn't force me to follow you to PC Fair. i just want to experience it myself. I'm sorry that i make you sad. BUT I REALLY LOVE DEEP IN MY HEART!!! Kiss kiss!! LOVE YOU!! Thank you for the OCtopus too Love it.. here's some PIctures for you to see:

Me and The octopus
It's On my head :O
AHH!!! O.O
CUTE little octopus!!
MY Octopus!!! IT's PINK!!!

Bea Bee

Life on April 10

Well, in the afternoon.. me, my brother and me, went to see the lawyer. We chat about the legal stuff about the divorce. nothing much. Just chit chat, and talk about out rights. and what we can do.
After that.. we went to The EPF office to change my dad's beneficery. And i had my chance to check my EPF account. surprisingly, i got quite a sum of money in there.

We head home after that. about 5 something, my darling came to my house and we had a short chit chat together. It was fun.. poor thing they had to re-sit the test again, because of some girl told the exam coordnator that, their current lecturer gave them the "soalan bocor" which is not even soalan bocor. It was an EXERCISE!! haha.. some girls just think about themselves. They just make other people's lives misserable because she thinks that her answer is right, and the lecturer's answer is wrong. STUPID kan?

Well. after dinner. went to church. It was pretty jammed up, because of the rain. Went there, no one was there. 15 minutes later, Ashley came with the sad face.
I ask her what happened... she told me one of her friend passed away.
He's name is Aaron Teoh..(REST IN PEACE) from S.A.M. Taylors. He fell down off the balcony of taylors residence. It was an accident.. he slipped and fell. He's only 18 and i pity him, because he's such a nice guy. just because he want to open a locked door. so he climbed to the room's balcomy and slipped and fall. so sad right? *In my opinion* To all he's close friends and friends and family the knows him* well, life goes on people.. I'm sure he doesn't wan you guys to feel sad and give up everything that you. He's up in heaven peacefully and he wants to see you guys happy. MOve on he'll do he's part to make your life better in future.

At about 10pm i came back. The PJI-ian are in my house playing CHOR DAI DEE de... and the bought 4 bottles or ist choice coke *IT SUCKS* by the way.. don't buy.. anyway, after few sessions of chor dai dee.. they finally decided to play the drinking game. choong shen drank the most. we played 2 sets of the drinking game. After all the coke has been finished. We drink my crysantimum. It was since chinese new year. So we just drink all of it... after that we had our lame jokes and IQ questions session. It was quite fun because you can see choong shen (keep wanting Eric to send him home) because he's suppose to go home by 12.30a.m. we ended about 1.20a.m. we keep continue our IQ questions. and we had really really alot of fun just now. I hope we could have more session like these. It helps to bond all of us together as a team.

Bea Bee

Must watch!!

Hey People.. i just watch that movie!! it is so damn awesome..
You should totally watch it is 5***** for me!! i recommend it to all the girls out there to watch it!!! It is really really nice to watch.
There are some of the parts of the movie, where there are normal people give their opinions about their love life. It is really really cute and nice.
YOU YOU AND YOU Should watch it!!!
Here's the Trailer!!

and also.. I'm in love with justin long's charactor!! ah.. how i wish that man exist!! The charactor's name is Alex!! aww...
Anyway.. Justin Long is 31 and he's looks so so Young.. and adorable.. XD

Bea Bee

I cannot believe it... My very own PRIEST in my church has a facebook account!!! O.O 

It's really amazing that our priest have lives too.. Yay!! to them!! WOOHOO!!!

I'm shoocking sendiri because i just added Father Philip as a friend in my facebook account! WOOT!! I added Father Anthony long time ago... Jesus Rocks!!!

Bea Bee

I'm lifeless now. I seriously need a life. I've been updating my blog kinda often now. including my plurk account.
Well, today is my last day to go to college. Having break already... YAY!!! party people, Party people!! but then.. after the break, having exams!! :( sad..
Going to leave house to college early today. I'm going to KLCC to buy Fast and Furious 4 tickets for this saturday.. so i can watch with my baby.. hehehe.
I'm so excited to go and watch that movie with HOney!! YAY!!

Well here something awful to hear. My parents divorce is going to get down and nasty. Because my mom doesn't want to pay half of me and my bro's study expenses and our daily expenses... Evil much... (i didn't know she's so cruel) T.T

Bea Bee

Well.... I can't sleep
is 1.05 a.m. i know is considered
early for some of you guys.
But, to my little honey is late.
i can't sleep because my cousin
is sleeping over with me for the week
and when she moves, or turnaround on my bed
i will just be awake. I can't sleep
when there is some noise or movements
I need peace and quite to get to sleep

Not only that, i have many things on my mind.
These things doesn't make me can't sleep.
i don't think of it when i want to sleep

No.1 I didn't get the scholarship that i applied
No.2 Going to miss David Archuleta for PC fair with BF
No.3 Parents getting divorce
(makes my mom more angry each day - Mood very bad)
No.4 Easter party is coming
(08 team is not prepared)
No.5 Leadership Test is on the 18 April. (Haven study)
No.6 EXAMS IS COMING!!! 28 April ah!!!
No.7 Blind Leading Blind
(I Haven started colecting Money)I'm afriad i lost the card
No.8 Membership for CII ( have to send it to London)
No.9 Register my new subjects ( haven decide yet)
No.10 When will the leo T-shirt Sample arriving!!!
(Is very fustrating)

Bea Bee

life goes on...

Having test today!! suppose to be studying but still blogging
I finished my assignments just now.. by the help of my borther!! wee...
Oh!! on thurday i'm going out with kah mun
going for lunch with brother,
then go summit to watch 'He's just not that into you'
hahaha... haven watch Fast and Furious
going to watch this saturday
with Honey.. at KLCC after PC Fair.... so yea..
These few days.. i can't sleep well.. i dunno why,
but i don't understand why i can't sleep.
i got nothing to think about but i still can't sleep.

Bea Bee

Last minute yamcha session by eric!! It was in the middle of my test.. i just curi-curi reply him.. Well, he wants to have a early birthday celebration for wai yew... so.. we went to Island Cafe... Some fella with no brain( you know who you are).. nvr thought today SS2 got PASAR MALAM!!! choose Island Cafe.. I was lucky i found a spot in front of Island Cafe!! XD quickly park there and went to the restaurant. I was there first and early, after that eric and rui wei came with the cake and following by justin and wai yew( the birthday boy)

Here's the cake that eric bought.. it was great cake.. awesome i say.. quite nice.. is from cake sense..
WEE!!! Happy Birthday Wai Yew
Our "Chor Dai Di" session...
Our group picture... WE ask one of the waiter to take picture for us.. and you know what he did? Our shirts are in the middle... so funny right?
anyway.. Eric, took the camera and he took a picture of all of us... don't under estimate ERic camhore's skills... 5 to 6 people can fit into 1 frame.. hahaha

YOU'RE 18 NOW!!!!!!!!!

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Red Dress!!

Just recently I've been obsessing with dresses.. i dunno why.. i nvr like wearing dresses to go out for shopping/hangout/yam cha.. now.. i got quite alot of dresses. but i sheldom wear it.. hahaha i don't why either.

anyway, going to get this red dress soon!!! WEE..

I just purchase this cool red dress. hahaha.. I'm so obsessed with this dress... is so damn awesome. hahaha..

Will be arriving to my doorstep.. OH YEA!!!
It cost me RM 46 which is quite cheap!! hahaha... i just hope the quality is good. :)

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Since friday night,i had a monopoly session with the pji-IANS till 3 in the morning.. at 9.00 a.m. i have to crawl out of my bed to get to Kelana Jaya station because Eric will pick me up there so that we can get to Assunta school. When we arrive there there's this line with damn alot of people queing up to buy the entrance tickets. we were so tired and we're like zoombies, and realise the entrance fee was RM 15 not RM10. hello!!! your posters nor letter says that we must pay RM 15 when we purchase ticekets on the spot!! YOu'll get sued if you don't let me pat RM 15!! hahaha (i studied law.. hahahah) In the end, me, rui wei and eric got RM 10.. we had our ways... these are the emcees for the day.. they are so cute... don't you think?
Opening performance by the BOD of assunta school - Jai HO!!

That's the entrance ticket and below is a heart shape on a rose pedal... so romantic...
these are the few potraits that i took with the heart shape rose pedal by boon kang. So nice right? one of it, is my desktop background.. ME likey..

The handphone is boon kang's handphone background.. cool right? WOOT!
These 2 pictures are the pictures that Weng Siong Took, when the performance of 'Bad GIrl' It was quite steaming dance. and Check out The guy's expression. Left to right: Eric, Zu Wen and Chuo Tung. (they need a women in their lives)
Check out Zu Wen's Mouth... water saliva coming out from he's mouth de!! hahaha..
a red carpet walk/dance/from the century to current. cool mask huh?
the final dance together with the unicef kids.
Just stand up by all incoming members of Leo Club of Assunta
GRoup Pic!! Group Pic!!

Candid Shot?!!
a picture with a leo member from Leo Club of Penang City (Omega).. and Taman Sea leos WEEE...

Bea Bee

Bea Bee

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I'm not a perfect girl, my hair doesn't always stay in place & I spill things a lot. I'm pretty Clumsy & sometimes I have a BrOkEn HeArT.
I Dare to be DIFFERENT and loves myself even though I'm not as pretty as other girls
My friends & I sometimes fight & maybe somedays nothing goes right.When i think about everything goes wrong and think about it & take a step back I remember how amazing life truly is & that maybe, just maybe...
I like being Imperfect...

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