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They have won!

Cast and Crew of Never Alone!
The Loving couple of Never Alone!!

My Date Night

Well,i never had a date before
but there are times where i go out and hangout with one of my guy friend.
I don't consider it a date, but then i think to the guy, it's a date
Okay, Let's start
In Malaysia, we don't usually call it a DATE,we call it Hangout...
yea... just2 people go out and have a drink and have some fun
take pictures and eat!
the memorable ones are one of the night on his birthday.
he called me, and fetch me from my home and took me to a park,
he got 2 slices of cake, his favourite tyramisu cake.
we had a nice walk around the park, and went to a place where there seats,
and we sat down and enjoy the cake.
It's my first time tasting it and it was awesome!
We had a long chat and we talked and talked and talk.
It wasn't the BEST way to celebrate someone's birthday,
but it was memorable, because you spent it
with someone you care.
because on that morning at 12am.
He wanted Me as his present for his birthday...
and so till now...
as most people know, We're seeing each other. :)


Finally Internet id back in order in my house!!

Thank god!!
and i did many things to the extend to get the usage of internet,
went to friends, place and most importantly,
hahaha it is the FIRST
for those people who knows me,
I would nvr go into the cyber,
because i have internet at home, why would i want to go to the Cyber
and because this week i have no internat,
And I'm desperate, and hence the cyber...
that's the last thing i'll do.
If i have other choice i would pick it :)
well, everything there's a first right?
well, now is back, More updates coming :)

Rest in Peace Uncle Dominic Teoh....
I will always remember you
This song is recorded 1 month before he pass away.
It is dedicated to his Wife and this children :)

Beautiful Places of THE WORLD...
Wineries in Gold Coast, Australia
Merlion of Singapore
Cherry Blossoms of Korea
Suspended Bridge in Langkawi, Malaysia
Crystal Clear Sea Water in Koh Samui Island, Thailand
Tulips in Korea
Padi in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Starry Night in Thousand Island, Jakarta, Indonessia
Sceneries in Hainan, China
Giagantic Tree Trunk in Cambodia
Sunrise in Jakarta, Indonessia

It's comfortable and affordable..
It's well fit for different types of bodies
It's easy to wash and it last longer :)
I feel very comfortable and secure in it.

Here are a few more amazing facts and figures about the best selling branded brief in Europe.
* Sloggi is sold in over 20,000 outlets worldwide.
* To keep up with the demand for Sloggi 812,000 kilometres of raw threads are processed every 60 seconds. This is the distance from the earth to the moon and back.
* The annual consumption of sewing yarn is 3,200,000km or nine times the distance between the earth and moon.
* On the Sloggi production lines, a football pitch worth of cotton is used every 84 minutes.
* The annual production of Sloggi weighs 3,300 tons, the weight of 18 jumbo jets.
* And finally ,if a year's worth of the famous blue Sloggi boxes were laid end to end, it would result in 12,000 kilometres - which is the world's diameter!

It's a TOUGH life

I'm sure most of my friend are having the same thing too,

Test, Quiz, Exams, Finals etc...
That evaluates you and everyone else on knowledge and experience
Studying is not a easy thing to prove to the world you got what it takes
and also what you are capable of
sometimes, knowledge does not always apply, even though you have all the As in the world
Experience some times plays a big role,
especially in the course i am taking
It requires alot of experience,
and the MAIN problem is, I don't have it
which makes me struggle the whole journey
People think that 'this subject is easy, that subject is fun'
to me it was nvr easy... '99% of the students have working experienced'
which makes me that 1%..
i have no experience at all...
That makes me at the disabled side
some how i have to cope with it
Well, it's a TOUGH life,
If you love doing it, It's a beautiful life :)

Make a Wave

This is my Horoscope sign... Libra

IT's on my ceiling... AH!!
so nice....

This a clearer picture.. But it's not the whole ceiling is just part of it... But It's so impressive

Gossip Girls is back!! ARGH!!

Episode 13 season 3...
Now downloading it!! 24 more minutes to finish downloading!
Can't wait! Love it!! WEE~~


It's been quite long that i have not update this blog

well, life goes on...
Since classes already started 2 weeks ago,
Assignments a project papers are coming in to hunt you down
Rushing for deadline... is soon to come!
no more slumber-ing around.
Argh.... i have total of 10 assignments to do in 1 months time..
I'm going to go crazy~~ ARGH!
Things that i did for the weekend,
NO Mood No Mood NO Mood
and play board game!
hahaha... I just woke up after my 5 hours nap..
WOOT!! i wonder what time i'm going to sleep tonight
maybe really really late, which is not good in a way.
I'll do assignment tonight then.
Hope you're having fun with your days, but in actual fact
I'm not really having fun,
First fo all Leo Forum! yea, think about it!
It's going to kill me!! Nothing is confirmed!!
For the next 3 months,
I'll be living in hell!!

lol... FUNS

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JUST STAND UP by Various Artist!
The heart is stronger
Than you think
It's like it can go
Through anything
And even when you think
It can't it finds a way
To still push on

Carrie Underwood:
You want to run away
Ain't got the patience
For the pain
And if you
Don't believe it
Look into
Your heart
The beat goes on

I'm tellin' you that

Rihanna/Miley Cyrus:
Things get better
Through whatever

If you fall
Dust it off
Don't let up

Sheryl Crow:
Don't you know
You can go
Be your own miracle

You need to know

Chorus (Sheryl Crow):
If the mind
Keeps thinking
You've had enough
But the heart
Keeps telling you
Don't give up

Sheryl Crow/Beyoncé:
Who are we to be
Wondering what is what
Don't give up
Through it all
Just stand up

It's like
We all have better days
Problems getting all up
In your face

Leona Lewis:
Just because
You go through it

Don't mean it got
To take control, no

Leona Lewis:
You ain't gotta find
No hiding place

Keyshia Cole:
Because the heart
Can beat the hate

Leona Lewis:
Don't wanna
Let your mind
Keep playin' you

Keyshia Cole:
And sayin' you
Can't go on

I'm tellin' you that

Miley Cyrus:
Things get better
Through whatever

If you fall

Miley Cyrus:
Dust if off
Don't let up

LeAnn Rimes:
Don't you know you

Natasha Bedingfield:
Can go

LeAnn Rimes:
Be your own

Natasha Bedingfield:

Carrie Underwood:
You need to know


Mary J. Blige:
You don't gotta be
A prisoner
In your mind

If you fall
Dust it off

Mary J. Blige:
You can live your life

Rihanna/Carrie Underwood:

Mary J. Blige:
Let your heart
Be your guide

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Mariah Carey:
And you will know
That you're good
If you trust in the good

Will be alright, yeah
Light up the dark
If you follow your heart

Mary J. Blige:
And it will get better

Mariah Carey:
Through whatever

(Chorus All)

You got it in you
Find it within
You got in now
Find it within now
You got in you
Find it within
You got in now
Find it within now
You got in you
Ffind it within
Find it within you
Find it within

What I experience after 27th Feb 2010:
- Got whacked on stage
- Got my hand cut on stage
- Performed on stage
- ran in my 4 inch heels everywhere for 2 hours
- Heart beats fast fast for 1 hour
- Lost some of my cosmetics
- Get a HUGE blue black swollen right knee
- Did 20 magazine recycled bags for VIPs
- Did a slide show for my performance but didn't get to show it on stage

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This is Me

I'm not a perfect girl, my hair doesn't always stay in place & I spill things a lot. I'm pretty Clumsy & sometimes I have a BrOkEn HeArT.
I Dare to be DIFFERENT and loves myself even though I'm not as pretty as other girls
My friends & I sometimes fight & maybe somedays nothing goes right.When i think about everything goes wrong and think about it & take a step back I remember how amazing life truly is & that maybe, just maybe...
I like being Imperfect...

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Class of 2007


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Life is not MEASURED by the number of breaths we take, but by the MOMENTS that take our breath away.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and LEAVE A TRAIL

LOVE what you Do, Do what you LOVE

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