It was an awesome experience! It was a very successful event by 128 Faubourg!
It Party was well organised and so is the services they offer in the party.
Below is the Goodie bag :) how awesome is that right?
The total cost of all these products are close to RM700.
Luckily I went to the event, otherwise i would have miss this awesome opportunity!

There was shoulder and hand massage, the the best of all Manicure!! :)
Just in time! I was going to pay for one..
but since it came along the way and it was free... why not?
I arrive at around 5.30pm. They has this workshop for how to maintain your skin.
The services of all the specialist and helpers are superb.
everyone was all well taken care of.
and BTW, i'm giving away this awesome voucher to any ladies who are interested :)
You can drop me a message on my FB, or you could sms me, if you have my number.
There's no expiry for this voucher.
1. RM15 Voucher - for manicure and pedicure services exclude OPI Express
2. RM40 Voucher - for package only.

If no taker I would just randomly give it to a friend of mine :)
Let me know...