OH! IRON MAN 3 movie of the year!

I can't wait, before i explain how awesome is this movie, check out the trailer!

YES! It sounds pretty awesome right? Oh, do check out the opening of the Movie in Malaysia! It's on the 26th April. Mark your calender's People!

Oh also, Here's a submission for Nuffnang:

I can't draw, so i would have to result in description.
My Iron Man Suit would be RED. That's a fierce colour! It has the highest power in speed and could go at a 1000km/s and also a oxygen tank that could help to fly up to the ozone layer with not problems with air.
The suit too has a ozone layer protection, that protects the body from being rusty and it resist the heat of the sun. The Body metal resist metal heat and bullet proof. Embedded with mini machine guns on all parts of the body. This body too have all kinds of technology, including face recognition, gps, heat detector, bullet, guns, fire armed and radioactive detector. Calculation of target excursion. and this suit do have the owners recognition. Only the owner on the body be able to operate it. No one else is able to operate the suit other than the owner and it's nominated person.

I Hope the above description fits right in :)

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Enjoy Your day!

Also check out this cute figurine from HOT TOYS. So cute! Wish i could get them.